The Poacher Run at Kelso saw us donning our running kit again just two weeks after the Abbotsford Trail Run. This is part of the Border Reiver Trail Series raising money for Borders Search and Rescue. It was nice to catch up with Kim, who is a volunteer with BSAR and whom I know from wayback.

Another small field congregated at the start at the Borders Event Centre, but we are already beginning to see familiar faces.  I was very pleased not to be totally outpaced in the first few hundred metres as I was at Abbotsford.

Indeed when we got to the "big hill" at about 200m in I actually managed to get past some people as we attempted to run up it. That got the heart racing and the legs pumping as we reached a more gentle incline up through the woods, eventually reaching the start of the Wallaceneuk parkrun course.

For most of the rest of the route I was on familiar territory as the course was pretty well the route we enjoyed as a leisure run earlier in the year. (Read the report here). Firstly 2.5km down the railway line and then dropping down over the footbridge next to the spectacular Roxburgh Viaduct. The footbridge had been out of action in the winter. Most of the people I had overtaken on that steep hill had passed me by this point, however I had managed to use my love of downhill on the steep bank down to bridge to overtake someone - hence the big grin for the camera!

Sharp right after the bridge took us on to the Borders Abbey Way next to the River Teviot. Up a gravel path, where I had a bit of a breather (walk) and then there was a nice quicker bit along the road before turning right across a couple of fields. These had been cleared well, but I still find grassy paths hard work.

over a couple of stiles and then back down to the river bank. So different from last time we did this route where the river was lapping over the footpath and eventually became impassable. This time it was dry as a bone and we had to avoid rocks and roots. I was getting a bit warm by this stage and began to wonder whether a little dip in the river would be a good idea. There were a number of very alluring pools along the way.

However, because I actually wasn't last in the race I resisted the urge and ran-walked my way back to the road. Once over the bridge we turned right into the caravan park and back into the wood which gave a really nice finish to the race, especially as there was a parkrun contingent shouting encouragement.


A well organised run, with good toilets and a nice medal. If I had entered earlier we could have received a t-shirt too.

Good to be raising money for Borders Search and Rescue given the amount of walking and running we now do in the area - we never know when they might be needed.

Poachers Run - the hill
Peter smiling on the hill
The Poacher Run 2022
Crossing the footbridge
Poacher Run medals
Some great bling!