We both love birdwatching and it has been one of Sam's hobbies since childhood. We are most definately NOT twitchers (although we did see the Desert Wheatear in Whitby in 2018 because we were there) rather we love seeing any birds in their natural environment and observing even the commonest birds on a day-to-day basis.

Our garden in York was a bit of a desert as far as birdwatching went, but moving to Scotland has re-kindled the love of birdwatching. Sam has a regular morning mooch with binoculars in the wood at the back, the bird feeders are very busy and on warm days an outdoor coffee break gives a 10 minute opportunity to spend with the birds.

These blogs are stories of birds; Sam's memories of seeing them throughout her life and her associations with them. Hopefully she will share some of her enthusiasm for these birds with you so that you can improve your birdwatching skills.

picture of a cuckoo

A Cuckoo’s Tale: In June I Change My Tune

By Sam | June 17, 2023

Last week I read that the male cuckoos that are part of the cuckoo tracking project were already leaving the UK and returning to Africa to overwinter, their job done in terms of ensuring the next generation. These first ones to fly south had spent the spring in Ireland, fairly…

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Curlew Call Lifts Spirits

By Sam | April 20, 2020

On World Curlew Day (21st April) I thought it appropriate to write about my encounters with this beautiful bird. This year I fear I will not hear it’s evocative call, the call of the wild moorland. one of my harbingers of spring. This 2020 spring has me stuck in suburbia,…

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