Walking and Swimming in Swaledale

swimming in Swaledale - Wain Wath waterfall

Walking and Swimming in Swaledale HomeWalkingWild SwimmingRunningDays OutBirdsBook Reviews Wildflowers and Swim Spots Galore When we go on a holiday we enjoy going somewhere and being able to explore from our base. Upper Swaledale is perhaps one of the best places in the country to do this – stunning walks, either in the valley bottom…

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Curlew Call Lifts Spirits


Curlew Call Lifts Spirits HomeWalkingWild SwimmingRunningDays OutBirdsBook Reviews On World Curlew Day (21st April) I thought it appropriate to write about my encounters with this beautiful bird. This year I fear I will not hear it’s evocative call, the call of the wild moorland. one of my harbingers of spring. This 2020 spring has me…

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